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Candle Gift Baskets

Wine Country Gift Baskets prides itself on quality. Every detail, from external packaging to the individual gourmet components, is carefully selected to satisfy your senses. The candles selected to accompany the baskets are no different.

Light a Candle in the Darkness
Wine Country candles, found in dozens of their luxury gift baskets, are masterpieces of the form. You'll be particularly pleased with their wide pillar candles, which provide hours of fragrant diffused light. These pillar candles come in a variety of thicknesses and heights, perfect for creating not only a beautiful and romantic atmosphere, but also a pleasing visual display.

Wine Country Gift Baskets' pillar candles come in rich and heady fragrances like vanilla, lavender, ginger, palmarosa, and white and green tea. Their colors run the gamut from tranquil white to rich, deep reds. And, of course, candle colors are carefully chosen to perfectly accompany the other contents, be they luxury bath products or gourmet foodstuffs.

Plus, candle gift baskets feature whimsical candle designs as well. One of the most popular baskets feature big, big, big vanilla ice cream candles, which resemble giant ice cream cones, complete with rich waffle weave bases, and even whipped cream and cherries on top! These make excellent gifts for those wanting to commemorate Secretaries' Day in a thoughtful, original way. They're also a charming way to say "happy birthday" or "congratulations" to those that prefer their sweet treats visual, rather than edible.

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