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Chocolate Gift Baskets

For thousands of years, chocolate has been the balm for a broken heart, a way to express joy and sisterhood, an expression of romantic love, and in some cultures, even used in sacred ceremonies. Legends the world over contend that chocolate has special powers to heal the mind and body, increase passion, and instill faith. Today, fine chocolate is not only a delicious treat, but a statement of enduring love and friendship.

Chocolate: The Art of Confection
Special occasion chocolate gift baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets deliver, in style, your personal chocolate message. Wine Country Gift Baskets feature many chocolate delicacies perfect for sweet-toothed friends, relatives, romantic partners and business colleagues. But don't be misled; these baskets aren't filled with chocolat ordinaire; ah, contraire. Wine Country Gift Baskets are filled with gourmet chocolates, the finest found anywhere in the world, and they practically spill over the sides of their containers in lush presentation.

The baskets and boxes these chocolates are delivered in are as satisfying to the eye as their treats are to the tongue. Supple satin bows hold together beautifully wrapped individual red boxes; handwoven reed baskets are filled with elegantly designed tins and containers. The quality of presentation is artful and luxurious.

Gourmet chocolate gift baskets are a perfect gift for the recently engaged couple, a sweet-toothed colleague celebrating a major achievement, or of course, anyone on whom you're practicing seduction. And don't overlook yourself when perusing the chocolate basket catalog at Wine Country Gift Baskets. After all, don't you deserve a little something for all your thoughtfulness to others?

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