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Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee, ever since that fabled Ethiopian goat herder witnessed his goats become much more frisky after eating those beans, has slowly but surely become the most popular beverage in the world. Blessed by the Pope and endorsed by the Continental Congress, coffee is a hit, to say the least. If you've got a business colleague or superior to whom you'd like to send a thoughtful gift, but aren't sure how to make it stand apart from the herd (if you will), you might well consider a gourmet coffee gift basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

"Thank You For Your Coffee, Signor. I Shall Miss That When We Leave Casablanca"
Wine Country Gift Baskets features over 20 unique coffee gift solutions, from "Get Well" baskets to those perfect for celebrating the opening of a lucrative business. Selections include Colombian coffees, Gavina coffees, Godiva coffees and more. Further, each and every basket is accompanied by treats which compliment coffee's nutty flavors, like European cookies and sweet breads, San Franciscan bakery offerings, savory crackers and the like.

If your guest recipient of choice has a tea-loving partner, rest assured that your gift basket will suit him or her equally well. Herb teas, black teas, and health teas are often found beautifully nestled side by side with America's favorite beverage. Other baskets feature coffee paired with impressive wines, perfect for after-dinner refreshment.

Surprisingly, when one considers that coffee is the most expensive liquid in the world (after gasoline) it can be a happy surprise to discover how very affordable these stimulating gifts are. Other vendors can, and do, charge up to twice as much for the quality found in gifts from Wine Country Gift Baskets. With presentation as impressive as the products, Wine Country Gift Baskets featuring coffee treats offer an excellent value, and deliver stimulating good taste.

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Wine Country Gift Baskets offers a wide assortment of coffee gift baskets that feature unique coffee blends and accessories. Whether your celebrating a special occasion or simply want a loved one to know you care with one of our kosher gift baskets, you can rest assured that a coffee gift basket will be perfect for the occasion.
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