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Custom Gift Baskets

Many people know exactly the gift basket they'd present to a friend or loved one if they had the time to put it together. But finding and then collecting all those delectable treats and impressive delicacies takes time. Not all of us live in towns with gourmet wine and cheese shops. And if we do, then even fewer of us have the time to hand select 10, 20, or 30 unique custom items which perfectly complement each other in flavor, appearance, and theme.

Finding the individual components could eat up a couple of days, alone. And then, you have to factor in the time it would take to organize the items attractively, making the basket or gift box appear opulent, rich, overflowing with bounty. This is not to mention transporting your gorgeous creation, not just from your front door to your car, but across town, or across the country.

Relax. Wine Country Gift Baskets is happy to create custom gift baskets, to your exact specifications. With impressive selections of Italian and California offerings, selecting just the right bottle of Vino is a snap. The appropriate cheeses and savory spreads? But, of course. Almond biscotti and Godiva coffee? Certainly. European and San Franciscan chocolates? Si. Roasted nuts? Oui.

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Wine Country Basket
For packaging, Wine Country Gift Baskets offers a staggering array of choices from pressed decorative wine buckets to hand woven reed baskets. You can even choose elegantly papered boxes wrapped in silken ribbons (or even brown paper packages tied up with string--if you're sending your custom gift to a lover of musicals). Whatever is most appropriate and perfect to you is exactly what your recipient will find cheerfully greeting them on their doorstep, guaranteed to surpass all their expectations.

Call us today for more information on our Custom Gift Baskets Program:

Dave Mayer
Custom Sales Director
Wine Country Gift Baskets
(888) 394-0394 Ext. 2622

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Save time and money by ordering custom gift baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets. Instead of frantically searching for the perfect items to place in your gift baskets, we are happy to offer you gift basket ideas and custom gift baskets that fit your specifications. Create a custom gift basket today and put our entire wine gift basket store and more at your fingertips.
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