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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Tower - Item No: 510
$ 19.95
Tower of Sweets - Item No: 540
$ 24.95
Ghirardelli Tower - Item No: 539
$ 29.95
Movie Night Popcorn and Candy Collection Gift Basket - Item No: 562
$ 34.95
3 Feet of Chocolate Tower - Item No: 323
Was $180
Now $144.00
Chocolate Mountain and More - Item No: 501
Was $69.95
Now $55.96
Golden Tower - Item No: 265
Was $49.95
Now $29.97
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Showing 1~7 of 7 Result(s)
 Ghiradelli chocolates. Lindt truffles. Brown & Halley toffees. These are three of the finest names in European and American confections. They are also but three examples of the quality of sweet candy treats you'll find in candy gift baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets. Candy Baskets featuring Godiva treats are also popular. In short, only the best and most decadent sweet treats are featured in these candy baskets.
Miles beyond the ordinary, candy gift baskets that feature only the finest names in confections are sure to be appreciated. Italian chocolates, Swiss truffles, and American delicacies are the standards here. Never second rate, candy selections found in these gourmet gift baskets are sure to please. These are baskets the recipient won't soon forget!
Beyond their delicious offerings, candy gifts from Wine Country Gift Baskets are also artfully presented. The packaging is as enticing as the products held within! Hand-woven wicker baskets, silk and satin ribbons, and delicately pressed tin boxes are carefully selected by hand to complement the basket's delicacies perfectly. For a candy gift that's unique and a bit indulgent, the offerings from Wine Country Gift Baskets are sure to satisfy.
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