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We all have a special child in our lives. Whether it’s our own kids, our nephews and nieces, or a friend’s child, they all have one thing in common; they love presents.
Kids of all ages love getting excited, and that’s one reason why it is so fulfilling to buy gifts for them. If your child’s birthday is coming up, or you just feel like they need a fun treat in their lives, consider getting them the following ideas for the perfect present.

1. Best Wishes
The Best Wishes Gift Basket is the perfect way to get your child to shriek with delight when they walk into the room. This beautifully packaged gift tower is sure to grab their attention and have them begging to open it. The wide assortment of chocolates and candies inside will only enhance their happiness further and have them excited all week.

2. Bouncy Castles
You don’t have to actually buy a bouncy castle for them, but renting one for a few hours is a great way to build your child’s confidence and have them experience the ultimate alternative to jumping on the bed. Invite all the neighborhood kids over to keep the fun going all afternoon.

3. Tickets to the Amusement Park
Disney World is a fantastic vacation spot for kids, and presenting your child with tickets to this magical kingdom will truly be like making their fairytale dreams come true. Then again, if cash is short, your local amusement or water park will excite them too!

4. Their Favorite Character
Every child has a favorite character or at least a favorite cartoon series they love. For children, cartoon characters are not just fictional beings, but they are their role models and these characters usually hold a fairly significant place in their lives.
Buying an action figure, doll, or playset containing their favorite characters will definitely thrill them and have them calling their friends to show off this new addition to their toy collection.

5. Birthday Dipped Strawberries
Get your kids excited about eating fruit by gifting them with the colorful and delicious Birthday Dipped Strawberries collection. These delicious fruits may just be the spark your children need to start bringing healthy food into their daily diets, with a little chocolate thrown in for good measure.

6. Swimming
Swimming is an incredibly fun, healthy, and productive extracurricular activity. You can buy your kids a small wading pool for the summer, or take them to a splash park so they can enjoy running around in the water and just simply be kids. Make the experience “wrappable” by giving them new pool toys, goggles, or brightly-colored towel.

7. An Ice Cream Day
Nothing says celebration like a delicious cone of ice cream, especially to children! Kids love ice cream and they also love making things themselves. Give them a day where they can choose and mix as many different flavors and toppings and create the ultimate sundae for themselves. This is a great birthday party activity, or a fun way to celebrate as a family.

8. A Costume Party
A gift doesn’t only have to be a toy or a fun day out; it can come in the form of a party as well. Kids have vivid imaginations, and letting them live out their adventures by throwing a costume party can turn into one of the most fun and memorable days for themselves and all their little guests.

9. Fresh Baked Cookie Assortment
Kids love cookies and surprising them with a box full of assorted peanut butter and chocolate cookies is a fantastic way to lighten up their day and give them something to get excited about.

10. Horseback Riding
Animals are one of the most fascinating things to kids, and letting them go horseback riding (or on a pony ride, for the littles) is one way to let them connect with nature and inspire their eternal fascination with animals.

Kids are the most innocent human beings and they truly deserve to enjoy surprises because of how much they add to our lives. You can present them with delicious chocolate gift baskets, their favorite toys, and tickets to a fun event, or even with a costume party thrown just for them. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re there to celebrate with them.

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