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When the time comes to give presents, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift! It’s especially tricky to find a unique gift for someone who we give to multiple times a year. Parents, best friends, and siblings all get gifts on birthdays, holidays, and graduations. The tough part is that all these events require giving something special.

Thinking up of unique gifts no longer has to be a challenge. Wine Country Gift Baskets has a beautiful collection of rare and interesting gift baskets that you can give to those whom you love most. The assortment of textures, flavors, and products will be sure to thrill them and have them waiting in delight for the next special occasion.

Here are 15 unique gift baskets that will be sure to thrill your loved ones:

1. Hole In One Gift Basket

The Hole In One Gift Basket is the ideal basket for anyone who genuinely loves golf. This basket is so unique because it not only comes with a variety of different snacks, it also comes with a food basket container in the shape of a golf bag.

2. Happy Dog Pet Basket Gift Basket

If you really have gifted your loved one with everything you can possibly think of, consider getting something special for their pet instead. The Happy Dog Pet Basket comes with an assortment of toys that the owner can train their pet with, as well as some special doggy treats.

3. Lavender Vanilla Spa Experience

Complete with a microfiber towel and every scrub and lotion your special friend needs, the Lavender Vanilla Spa Experience comes complete with everything she needs to have a much- needed relaxation session at home.

4. Thank You – Dried Fruit and Nut Collection

If you know a friend who only eats Kosher, then gifting them this delicious combination of dried fruits and nuts at the next event is a great way to demonstrate your thoughtful respect and gratitude.

5. The V.I.P Gift Basket

The VIP gift basket is a unique gift basket that comes with a very large variety of delectable treats. From unique snacks like marshmallows covered in dark chocolate to green olives and Aji Chilli, your loved ones are sure to undergo a unique tasting experience.

6. Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Assortment Gift Basket

English tea, chocolate cocoa, and roast coffee make the Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Assortment the perfect collection of warm drinks that anyone could ever own. This unique collection of everyone’s favorite drinks will make a perfect family gift as there is something inside for everyone.

7. Wine Country’s Orchard Mixed Nut Gift Tray

Nuts don’t just taste good but they are great for your health as well. Giving those whom you love a gift tray full of assorted nuts is a unique way to show them you love them enough to have their best snacking experience in mind.

8. Deluxe Ghirardelli Tower

Instead of going with a traditional chocolate gift basket, why not try a gift tower? The Ghirardelli Tower is a beautiful collection of boxes stacked on top of each other, and each box is filled with mouth-wateringly sweet treats.

9. Chocolate and Cookie Tower

Gift towers are a great way to make an entrance, and when those gift towers are full of chocolates and cookies, then everything just gets so much better.

10. Best Wishes

The bright and colorful Best Wishes Tower will definitely stand out with its equally bright contents including; vanilla caramel, colorful candies, and peanut crunch.

11. Make A Wish

Bring a gift that looks like a birthday cake to the next birthday event you attend. This beautiful gift is sure to grab everyone’s attention because of how beautifully it is wrapped.

12. Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets Gift Basket

You can give your family a surprise this weekend by pulling out the Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets Gift Basket. This gift basket is sure to give everyone a unique experience as they indulge in the theatre-like popcorn containers and different treats.

13. Welcome Home Baby Boy Gift Basket

Instead of the traditional balloon and newborn onesies, spice your gifting experience up through the unique Welcome Home Baby Boy Gift Basket. This basket is full of thoughtful items that both baby boy and mom are sure to love.

14. Wine Country Fruit and Favorites Gift Basket

Surprise your friends with a Wine Country Fruit and Favorites Gift Basket. This basket can be made more special if you take the fruits and make a delicious new recipe with them.

15. Birthday Dipped Strawberries

Instead of an ordinary fruit basket, try these chocolate dipped strawberries. The perfect mixture of fruit and chocolate makes for a rare and mouthwatering experience.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose - any gift basket from this selection will be sure to offer a fun and delectable experience for both you and the special person who receives it.

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