Wednesday, November 28, 2018 • Gift Baskets

With so many reasons to enjoy this life and all the little moments that make it wonderful, we love how our gift baskets slip right into any scenario and offer an extra dose of celebration, fun, and especially the excuse to “break bread” (or drink wine) with one another. And if there’s anyone who excels at celebrating these “little life moments”, it’s our favorite at-home chef, Larry. From whipping up one of his favorite recipes to surprising a friend or family member with something fun, Larry knows how to get the party started and convince even the gloomiest of frowns to turn upside-down.

We were invited (and honored) to participate in a big moment in Larry’s life. His almost daughter-in-law was celebrating her Bachelorette party one day, which happened to be the day we were filming this recipe for Smoked Chickpea Stew (which is amazing, by the way). Larry wanted to give his future daughter-in-law, Sofia, an extra reason to celebrate – and we happened to have just the thing on hand for him to do it.

Have a reason – or maybe, no reason at all – to celebrate with someone special? We can help you out! See our Girls Night Out collection now.

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