Monday, September 10, 2018 • Gift Baskets

Autumn is a truly beautiful time of the year. The trees are changing color and everyone is getting out their coziest coats to stay warm against the crisp fall breeze. Autumn is a time of celebrations and is rich in everything from back-to-school celebrations to Halloween parties. Naturally, when there are festivities, there will be gifts as well! Gifting a holiday gift basket, whether it’s to new friends or those you have known forever, is a great way to start off any school year and share some delicious treats.

Here are 5 gift baskets that have fall written all over them.

1. The Half-Dozen California Wine Collection Gift Basket

The Half-Dozen California Wine Collection Gift Basket is a great Country basket to take to any event during the fall. Autumn is the season of wine and that’s why it’s fairly common to celebrate with a bottle. For those who are just starting their first year as college students, this sophisticated gift basket is a more mature and refined present that will make the recipient feel like they have been initiated into adult life.

2. Tea Time

Tea Time is a warm collection of teas and biscuits that will have you feeling cozy and at home in no time. This delicious collection of Ahmed English tea and complimentary snacks are the perfect way to get you and your loved ones warmed up after spending a day out in the autumn breeze. It even comes with a complimentary stoneware teapot.

3. Chocolate Indulgence

Sweeten those autumn nights up with the Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket. This gift basket is the perfect combination of sweet chocolaty goodies that you can have alongside your warm cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, and crackers as a sweet - but not too sweet - escape from work life that has started again now that the summer holidays are over.

4. Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Tea Collection Gift Basket

Starbucks coffee is an absolute must when the temperature begins to drop, and so is Tazo Tea. What happens when you combine both of these mouthwatering flavors into one gift basket? Autumn magic.

The feeling of sipping hot coffee or hot tea while taking a walk around the block that is now covered with crisp autumn leaves is truly magical. Any of your friends and family members will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift and the experience they get out of using it.

5. Bakery, Coffee and Cocoa Collection Gift Basket

There is nothing that can comfort a person more than sugar cookies and fudge nut brownies. Autumn is a time of many changes and it can be easier to transition through these changes when you and your loved ones are surrounded by the ultimate comfort foods. The Bakery, Coffee and Cocoa Collection gift basket comes with all the delicious chocolaty flavors you need to transition into the cooler autumn months. They also make great treats for Halloween.

The fall time is a very special season. With so many changes in the air, there are also many celebrations that take place. Gifting your loved ones with baskets full of delicious drinks to warm them up from their autumn walk, or well-baked chocolaty treats is a wonderful way to show them how you care and how much they truly mean to you.

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