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How to Tap a Watermelon and the Summery Drinks to Fill It With!

Summer time is about great weather, celebrating with friends and family and sweet drinks. The ultimate way to relax and unwind is by concocting a refreshing beverage and sharing it with the people you’re closest to. Whether you’re at the beach, on the lake, or simply in your backyard, these recipes are sure to put you in summer vacation mode!

As you probably know by now, we offer readers expert advice on throwing parties throughout the year. Better yet, we let you know how to celebrate in style even when you're in a crunch for time. We even let you know which fun gadgets to bring with you! Whether you’re looking for a tasty new appetizer to bring with you to a get together, or you’re not sure how to prep for a more formal event, we’ve got you covered. However, this summer, it’s all about creating a fun, stress-free vibe for your guests. Kick things off with the ultimate party beverage- the watermelon keg!



Supplies needed:
A large watermelon
Carving kit
A tap kit
A sharp knife


1. Cut your watermelon in half, horizontally. Then, scoop out the insides of the watermelon, making sure you're particular about getting every last bit out of it. You don’t want the keg spout to get clogged.

2. Using a pen or pencil, draw a dot near the bottom part of your watermelon (looking at it horizontally) where you’d want your spigot to be. Make sure you choose the pretty side of your watermelon!

3. Using the drilling tool included with your kit, carve out the area you just placed a dot. Insert the spigot according to the directions, and you’re done! You’re all set and ready to roll! For more fun, allow your guests to lightly carve any designs into the outside of the watermelon, always making sure you never poke a hole into the watermelon. You want this to remain liquid-tight.



Now that you've got your watermelon keg, you've got a ton of beverage options to fill it with! Let's start with sweet drinks for the kids, since we don't want to leave them out!

For the Children:
For kid-friendly options, try:
• Apple juice
• Cherry juice
• Fruit punch
• Any kind of Sparkling Juice

Any type of juice or soda that won’t clash with the taste of the watermelon will work great for kids! Just remember, you don’t want to fill your watermelon keg with any thick liquid, like fruit smoothies, as it will clog the keg’s spout.


ADULTS ONLY: The adult beverages for your watermelon keg are endless! Think of all the amazing, fun drinks that would pair with the summery taste of the watermelon. Think rums, wine spritzers, and many more. Explore these tasty alcoholic creations:

Boozy Lavender Lemonade: the ultimate refresher!

• Try the Champagne Margarita

• Our Classic Ginger, Pear, and Cranberry cocktail is also a huge hit at parties, and would be amazing in a watermelon.

The Blackberry and Thyme Sizzler is an absolute MUST.

We happen to be huge fans of wine, so let’s explore some additional wine-focused recipes as well!

Classic Sangria! You can’t go wrong. Create it with this red wine!

• Another mouth-watering red sangria… Craft it with this Cabernet Sauvignon.

• Talk about refreshing… A crisp, light sangria, made with a tasty white wine. Coming right up!

We cannot think of a better way to celebrate gorgeous summertime than with amazing beverages and great friends. Let us know if you will be trying our watermelon keg idea above, or experimenting with any of our amazing wine + sangria combinations.

Originally published: 7/12/2018


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