Wednesday, December 12, 2018 • Gift Baskets

One quick scroll through Pinterest, and it's not hard to see that cocktail-making is a trending topic. Bars - and even speakeasies - are popping up everywhere, boasting "hand-crafted", "artisanal" beverages made with "homemade", "small-batch" ingredients. If you've ever sipped on one of these cocktails, it's pretty obvious why the trend is gaining so much popularity - they're pretty incredible.
With the trend comes the trend-makers, and many of these booze-crafting people are difficult to gift shop for. They've got all the tools of the trade, and are learning the tricks faster than you can count to '3-tequila FLOOR'... so what do you send them when a gift is in order?

Well, that's what Larry is excited to share with us, and you. These three gift baskets are practically perfect in every way, especially when the recipient is a mixology enthusiast. So with no further ado...Happy cocktailing! 

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