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The most “spook-tacular” time of year is coming to Wine Country Gift Baskets! Surprise your friends and neighbors with a special and tasty treat (no tricks; we promise!) to warm the cool October evenings and take the monstrous chill out of the air. 
Need some help getting started with the right gift for the friends in your neighborhood? No problem! We’ve got you covered with ideas for everyone in your group. 
Those Hauntingly Health-Conscious 
We all have that friend down the street who gives us twinges of guilt. Her kids’ home-sewn Halloween costumes put Pinterest to shame, and she can always be found munching on homemade, gluten-free snacks or oven-roasted organic vegetables. Sending her, and her family, a bunch of candy would leave her white as a Halloween ghost! So, go for the win and dazzle her with our Farm Fresh Fruit Collection Gift Basket. With this treat, she’ll enjoy mouth-watering fresh fruit (oranges, pears and apples) that will make her healthy heart sing. Her kids will love the juicy sweetness, too, and she’ll be forever grateful to you for providing something healthy around Halloween time that doesn’t involve too much sugar and over- eating candy. 

Those On-the-Go Ghosts 
She’s the friend you always admire for her innate ability to juggle 3 kids, multiple work deadlines, and yet still have the energy for spin class on Wednesday nights. You just KNOW her secret is coffee, right?! The Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Tea Collection Gift Basket is the perfect choice to keep her going on those long nights finishing up yearly reports and browsing for last-minute costumes for the kids. Filled with French Roast and Veranda ground coffees cozied up next to an assortment of Tazo teas, this beautiful gift also includes Starbucks coffee mugs to remind her to take a minute to breathe in the scent of falling leaves and bonfires before ghosting into the night in her jam-packed minivan. To sum it all up, you’ll be this crazy-busy mama's caffeine hero! 

Those Scary Snifflers 
 While everyone else is raking leaves and hanging spooky decorations around their yards, there’s that one friend who can’t seem to beat those ghoulish seasonal allergies and colds. Sore, red noses and sinus headaches are no fun when everyone else is out chasing vampires and goblins around the neighborhood! You’ll save the day by delivering up just what the doctor ordered right to her door: The Soup's On Gift Basket. The "sicky" and her family will ooh and ahh over artisan soup mixes, mozzarella cheese swirls, hummus, and crackers. The gift set comes with soup and bowls and spoons, too, so all she has to do is heat, serve, relax, and feel better just in time for Trick-or-Treating. 

Those Wine-Sipping Witches 
When it comes to the fruits of the earth, certain friends know a thing or two about quality and love nothing more than to curl up with her (black?) cat, a good book, and a bottle of her favorite red. The Little Lakes Sellers Cabernet Gift Basket is the perfect Halloween treat for her! This collection features a purple gift tote filled with snacks and a beautiful bottle of Little Lakes Cellars Cabernet, the perfect accompaniment for a cold and drizzly Fall evening next to the fireplace. She’ll be so grateful she might even share it with you, especially since these flavors could turn any witch into a princess! 
Don’t Forget Yourself! 
Wait a second! You can’t forget about the most important person you have to take care of at this often-hectic time of year! Treat YOURSELF to any of our beautiful gift selections, by price or by occasion. One favorite of ours we know you’ll love? The Ghirardelli Collection Gift Basket! After spending the extra dollar on the perfect Halloween candy everyone in the neighborhood will love, you’ve earned this basket filled with rich and decadent chocolates. No cheap Halloween candy for you; you deserve better, especially after returning and purchasing multiple costumes, multiple times because your little ones couldn't make up their minds. Could this indulgent gift feel more lavish for such an amazing price? We think not! You deserve to relax and unwind with a basket of goodies and this selection gives you the perfect way to do just that. You’ll be the best neighbor on the block when you treat your friends to these spook-tacular gifts that show them how much you care, and how well you know their personal tastes. 
There’s a gift basket for everyone to enjoy this Halloween, no matter what type of neighbors you have, so get set to impress by giving the very best. So this Halloween, trick your senses into falling for luxury while your mind is treated to gift-giving ideas at great prices! As the nights grow colder and Fall colors creep across the landscape, you and your friends will have unforgettable, cozy memories of the thoughtful gifts found only at Wine Country Gift Baskets

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