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There are dozens of occasions that we celebrate every year by giving gifts to our friends and loved ones: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and many, many more. But what about all those lesser known holidays? And all of the important people in our lives that could be pleasantly surprised during these unique gift-giving holidays? There are so many opportunities to recognize those around us for all the incredible things they do every day, and you may have no idea that these holidays exist! We're all big proponents of the Just Because gifts here at Wine Country Gift Baskets, but it certainly doesn't hurt to make someone feel a little extra special by acknowledging a national holiday that specifically celebrates them. Take these 7 little holidays, for example. Each a unique opportunity to thank someone for all they do, congratulate them for their personal accomplishments, or just remind them that you appreciate them.

Administrative Professionals Day - April 27
Administrative Professionals Day was first recognized in 1952 as National Secretary's Day, and has since changed its name to reflect the expanding roles and multitude of responsibilities under the umbrella of Administration in the modern age. For over 60 years we've recognized the importance of these roles within any business, and we continue to do so today. Perhaps there is an administrative professional in your workplace or a friend or family member works in a similar role in another office? Surely these people would feel extra special if you took the time to recognize their hard work and loyalty, and whether they've got a sweet tooth or simply appreciate a good gourmet snack, we've got you covered.

Teacher Appreciation Day - May 3
Coffee mugs, apple-shaped office supplies, gift's time to break the tradition here and send your child's teacher, or an old schoolteacher you still keep in touch with, something they really want. National Teacher Appreciation Day is a day to truly thank the teachers in your lives for the vital and wonderful work that they do, and what better way to do that than with a handwritten Thank You note and a gift basket full of goodies for them to look forward to after a long work week?

National Brothers Day National Brothers Day - May 24
The special bond between two brothers, or between and sister and a brother, is truly something to be celebrated. Use this holiday as an opportunity to tell him how much he has meant to you over the years, or even send him a little gift to just say "Thanks for being you."

National Sisters Day - August 7
Much like National Brothers Day, National Sisters Day is a special holiday recognized every year that celebrates the sisters in our lives. Whether you two still live under the same roof, or across the globe, it would mean the world for her to know how much you appreciate having her around. Nothing a chocolate basket can't say!

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day - September 11
Sure, there's already Mother's Day and Father's Day to celebrate yours or your child's grandparents, but for all they do for your family, don't you think grandparents deserve their own special holiday? Well, fortunately, that holiday exists, and National Grandparents Day is a great time to treat your family's wiser generation to a little something extra, like a basket overflowing with gourmet coffees and teas.

Boss's Day - October 17
A happy workplace is rooted in a positive relationship being the employee and the employer. Bosses work all year to ensure a fair, productive, and supportive work environment, and this little holiday is a special opportunity to recognize them for all their hard work and dedication. Check out our wine gift basket selection for gifts your boss is sure to appreciate.

Small Business Saturday Small Business Saturday - November 26
Immediately following Black Friday, the ultra-holiday for big box stores, Small Business Saturday celebrates the local businesses, the mom & pop shops, and everyone working hard to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality. If you or someone you know owns a small business or is working towards opening one soon, sending them a gift on a day that is otherwise a shopping occasion would be a special way to congratulate them on all they've achieved. Maybe a corporate gift basket is just what they need to kick back before the holiday season goes into full swing.

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