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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s a holiday that’s all about connecting with family and friends over a good meal. This could mean gathering at your cousin’s house for some turkey and football, or celebrating with your favorite people at a November Friendsgiving.

It’s also a time to say thanks, both for the good fortune in our lives and the gestures of others.  If you’ve received an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner this year, don’t show up empty handed! Your host has likely put a lot of work into the occasion, and giving them a small thank you gift is a nice sentiment.

From sweet-smelling candles to wine collections, there are several different gifts that pair perfectly with a dinner invitation. We’ve shared some of our go-to gift ideas that’ll score you a seat at the table again next year. For those unsure of how to present their gift, we’ve included some etiquette advice as well.

7 Perfect Gifts for Thanksgiving Hosts

1. Lulu Bottle Opener

Your host will feel extremely classy opening up a cold one with this Agate Bottle Opener from Anthropologie. Its polished gold finish will look elegant on any bar cart or dinner table, bringing an elegant and Victorian element to your countertops. For a personal touch, consider pairing it with a case of their favorite beer or bottled sparkling water. They’ll enjoy unwinding at the end of the night with a beloved brew.

2. Otherland Candle

The team at Otherland spent a year perfecting their coconut and soy wax candles. These little pieces of art come in scents ranging from the opulent Chandelier (champagne and saffron) and delicate Daybed (rosebud and peony) to the earthy Rattan (sandalwood and amber). It’s a beautiful gift that will make your host’s home smell wonderful while making everything a little brighter.

3. Artisan Cheese Collection Gift Crate

Artfully arranged in a reusable wooden crate, this gift of artisan cheeses is perfect for the hostess who probably whipped up a gourmet Thanksgiving meal. They’ll enjoy the complex and nutty flavors of Sierra Nevada herb & garlic cheese, and the creaminess of the Vella Romanello. Bonus points for pairing this assortment with a bottle or two of wine for the host to enjoy.

4. Thumbs Up Diamond Glass

It’s hard not to feel like a Rockefeller when drinking out of a diamond. Your hostess will be delighted with these elegant glasses. They also stand at an angle, so there’s no worry about it accidentally tipping over! For a best friend or parent, wrap the gift up with a bottle of their favorite vino or bourbon. You both might end up clinking glasses at the end of the night!

5. Virgil's Special Edition Microbrewed Root Beer

For a gift based on another time-honored position, say thanks to your host with this batch of special edition root beer. Micro-brewed in a 400-year-old Bavarian brewery, its best when served in a chilled mug. This gift basket also comes stocked with smoky snacks like Duke’s peach BBQ and original smoked sausages, chili lemon corn nuts, bacon & cheddar cheese spread, and more.

6. Bon Appetit Gift Basket

Your Thanksgiving host or hostess won’t be able to resist diving right into this basket of gourmet treats. A customer favorite for more than three decades, this gift set contains delicious brownie brittle, rich chocolate caramels, crunchy caramel popcorn, smooth hummus, and more. They’ll go well with the leftover turkey and stuffing that they’ll be feasting on for days after dinner is over.

7. Woven Geometric Dishcloths

Add a splash of color to your host’s kitchen with these woven geometric dishtowels from Anthropologie. Coming as a set of six, the eclectic pattern on these chic tea towels also helps hide stains easily. They’re textured and dry quickly, making cleaning a breeze.  

3 Hostess Gift Etiquette Tips

1. Dress it Up

Gift giving is often seen as an art. Put some thought to how you wrap their gift, whether it’s just a simple red bow or an ornate box. Fortunately, if you purchase a gift basket, you’re already covered. Your gift will come artfully displayed in its own unique container. Your host will be glad to have a nice container to display items in once your gift has been consumed or used.

2. Be Discreet

Don’t draw attention to yourself when you hand the host or hostess your gift. Some guests who didn’t bring a gift might feel uncomfortable or guilty. If you desire, include a thoughtful note that they can read later.

3. Greet Your Host First

Don’t quickly walk through the door and hand over your gift! Greet your host or hostess first, thank them for inviting you, then present them with your gift, possibly even later in the evening. This makes the motion appear more genuine, and not like you’re simply going through the motions.

No matter how you celebrate, we hope this Thanksgiving will be filled with all the warmth that friends, family, and fall bring!

Originally published: 11/12/2018

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