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When it comes to gift baskets, we have such a wide variety of options that we know without a doubt that we have all your bases covered. We also understand that sometimes you want to give your recipient a basket so unique and personalized, no vendor could ever provide it.
Following up with our blog post earlier this week, here is the list we promised: 20 different unique gift basket themes, complete with item ideas and pictures, that are easy to personalize! If you're determined to DIY a custom gift basket for your loved one, you're sure to find inspiration here. And, if you missed it, take a look at our previous blog post on crafting a high-quality, professional-looking, DIY gift basket. It's bursting with tips and tricks on stuffing your own gift basket, straight from the professionals here at Wine Country Gift Baskets!
For the Hobbyists
Everyone has a hobby, whether it's one they've been interested in for years or have just always wanted to get into. Think about your gift basket recipient and the things they enjoy doing, considering any comments or hints they’ve made to hobbies they may be interested in trying, and theme your basket around that concept. Here are a few ideas that may pique your creative thought process:
1. A Crafters Basket, themed around their particular niche. Scrapbooking, knitting or crocheting, painting or sketching, jewelry-making, etc. Whether they’re into it already or are trying to be, having all the supplies necessary to complete a project is a dream!
2. A Woodworkers Basket, themed around tools and essentials. Include things like wood glue, sandpaper, a whittling knife, measuring tools, a nail gun, etc. and a gift card to your local hardware store.
3. A Gardeners Basket, which can include everything needed for gardening. A set of gardening tools, a pair of gardening gloves, a few new pots, some plants, seed packets, and some garden ornaments for style.
4. A Bird Lovers Basket, which can include everything from hummingbird feeders and food to binoculars. Birdseed, a journal, a new camera, and even potted plants/trees that attract birds are all great ideas to include in this gift basket.
5. An Antique Seekers Basket, which would be best served up in whatever antique box, basket, or crate you can find at your local antique stores. Antique- or Shabby Chic-lovers tend to go for anything old and unique, and if you know your recipient well, it should be easy to find items they love. Gift certificates to antique stores are also a great option.
For Their Personal Care

There are so many items geared towards caring for your body and mind, it’s easy to put together a basket around that theme. Sometimes though, a spa basket just doesn’t cut it. Here are a few ideas that still touch on this amazing idea, while catering specifically to your loved one's interests:

6. A Makeup or Haircare Basket, which includes some of the most coveted eyeshadow palettes or hair care products on the market. Check in with your local beauty stores to see what the best-sellers are, and fill a basket with lots of fun, new goodies.
7. A Men’s Care Basket, which can include anything from new cologne to beard oil. Think about including unique items like moccasin slippers, a bottle of scotch, some cigars, a new beard trimmer, and their favorite snacks.
8. An Evening-In Basket, which may be themed around a particular movie or board game. Include items such as magazines, puzzles, a deck of cards, and coasters. Snacks and beverages that pair well with a particular movie or game make for a cute combo. For a more unique idea for couples, theme your basket to your significant other around an evening of romance.
9. A Workout Basket, for the friends and family who live an active lifestyle, or want to start. Theme your basket around particular activities, such as bicycling, running, or yoga.
For The Adventurers
These are for the people in your life who are always camping, mountaineering, skiing, or rock climbing out in the middle of nowhere. There are many great basket ideas for these wanderlust travelers, but here are a few of our favorites:
10. A Location-Based Basket, which includes everything they’d need to enjoy a particular place, such as the beach, the mountains, or the river. Sunscreen, hats, sandals or hiking shoes, bug spray, and wildlife/state park passes are great places to start stocking this one. Get elaborate with tents, ice chests, and sleeping bags!
11. A Gear-Filled Basket, for those who appreciate awesome, high-quality outdoor tools. Anyone who has been in the adventuring game for long covets items from brands such as Marmot, The North Face, Black Diamond, Mammut, and Arc’teryx. Check into your local gear stores for sales, and pack a bag for your gearhead.
12. The Rock Climber Basket, for those who are already doing it, or those who would like to try. A chalk bag, climbing shoes (or a gift certificate to pick out their own), a rock gym membership, and a harness are great gifts for aspiring climbers.
13. A Road-Trippers Basket, for those who just want to get on the road and GO. Tickets to unique events in places within driving distance, a gas station gift card, snacks, Groupons, and basic gear like tents or sleeping bags make excellent basket gifts for the ones who love to get out of town for the weekend.
For the Foodies
Everyone loves food, but there are also the ones who love food more passionately than others. Cooking, exploring new flavors, visiting foreign restaurants, and inventing their own recipes are their favorite pastime. Larry, our YouTube food enthusiast, is one of these people; he’s eaten his way through many countries. With these kinds of folk in mind, try:
14. A Dish Basket, where you can include all of the ingredients to make a particular dish or recipe they’ve always wanted to try. Platters, dish towels, spatulas, and recipe cards are great ‘extras’ to include. For more unique gift baskets, order exotic spices, fruits, vegetables, etc. to add to the basket.
15. A Class Basket, which includes a cooking class pass and all of the utensils or ingredients they’ll need to complete it. Food lovers enjoy learning more, always!
16. A Kitchen Appliance, which, if you buy all the attachments your foodie would ever need, can fill an entire basket. They’ve no doubt talked about the kitchen appliances they’d love to have, so go ahead and fulfill that wish list to the very brim, with all the extras too. Our example above is an immersion blender with stainless steel milkshake cups, along with all the milkshake supplies you’d need.
17. Our Baskets, which we couldn’t help mentioning! Foodies love receiving Wine Country Gift Baskets, and there are hundreds to choose from.
For the Kids
Kids love opening gift baskets too! So, let’s not leave them out:
18. A Super Basket, which includes their favorite superhero/princess movie, and the action figures, costumes, coloring books, snacks, and more to match.
19. A Golden Ticket Basket, which includes tickets to a few different theme parks, museums, aquariums, zoos, etc. that you can take them to. Attach the tickets to a stuffed animal, coloring book, or another object that represents where that ticket will get them.
20. A Gamers Basket, for the kids who love video games. Fill it with a new gaming system, accessories, games, and more. For kids 14 and older, gaming subscriptions, like Xbox Live, are a great option to include, too.
There you have it! Twenty different unique gift basket ideas to spur your own creativity and craft your own perfect DIY gift basket. Tell us – did we miss anything? Have any questions? Tweet us about it, and follow us on Pinterest for more DIY Pinspiration!