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There are few things better than receiving a thoughtful gift from someone you care about. Whether it’s a unique craft, your favorite wine and chocolate, or a meaningful experience like a cooking class, “Thank You” gifts have the ability to transform your relationship with someone. If you’re looking to thank someone, or simply make their day, explore the 10 thoughtful gift ideas below:

  1. A Unique Gift Basket — Creating a gift basket is a fun and unique way to show your appreciation. Start with a fun theme, like girl’s night out or a playoffs party basket. Express your thanks and remind receivers of your own good taste at the same time by choosing fun and festive items that suit your theme, from wine or craft beer to snacks and sweets.

  2. Cater to the Animal Lover — Is your gift receiver an animal lover? If so, there are few things more special than showing your love for their pet! Create a fun, DIY gift basket for the dog or cat in their life, and you’ll be sure to make a huge impact in making them (and their pet) feel special.

  3. Create a Craft  Showing your appreciation for someone doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be meaningful. Craft a unique gift idea to make their day and express your appreciation thought your creativity. Transforming a wine bottle into a candle of someone’s favorite scent is a great way to do this or check out other cool crafty gift ideas that anyone can create.

  4. Deliver the Perfect Date Night — Say thanks in a big way by arranging the ultimate date night for your friend and their partner. This allows them to avoid the daunting tasks of researching and planning date night details themselves while getting to look forward to a special evening with their significant other.

  5. Say Spa-aaaaaaaah — There are few things better than being pampered! Give the gift of total relaxation with a spa gift basket. Filled with all the essentials to recreate the ultimate spa at home, our baskets are guaranteed to help someone take a break, relax, and enjoy.

  6. Celebrate with Sweets — Consider sending someone something homemade, as a special way to thank them. Creating a tasty dessert is a great, budget-friendly way to express your appreciation for a friend. Try your hand at baking cookies or cupcakes and have fun creating gourmet flavors to spoil your friend.

  7. Give the Gift of Cooking — They say that experiences are often more meaningful than things. If you believe this to be true, give the gift of a cooking class as a unique way to say “thank you” to someone. If there aren’t any great classes near you or your recipient, offer to host your own special cooking night for your friend as a fun activity to do together! Open some wine, turn on some great music, and treat your friend to a fun-filled evening.

  8. Send Chocolate Gifts — When in doubt, send chocolate! Sending a chocolate treat to friend or family member is a surefire way to make their week. To satisfy a sweet tooth, choose chocolate confections from the best in the world, like Godiva, Ghirardelli, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

  9. Make Something Extraordinary Out of the Ordinary — There is a reason there is the common saying “it’s the thought that counts,” because it’s true! Oftentimes the best way to say, “thank you” is to give them something heartfelt and unique. Consider upcycling or repurposing everyday items, like creating a unique gift made from wine corks.

  10. Write Up Your Recipes — Although it may seem like a big task, putting together a small booklet or binder of your favorite recipes is a sincere way to express your appreciation for someone. After all, as the saying goes, the way to the heart is through the stomach. Choose a selection of your personal favorites that you know they’ll love, then write them out on pretty paper for a personalized and appetizing token of your appreciation.

It doesn’t take much to show your heartfelt gratitude for someone, and a little thought goes a long way. These are just a sampling of the endless ideas for saying “Thank You” to someone special in your life. Tailor your gift towards the recipient’s tastes and always remember that it’s the thought that really counts.

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