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DIY Gift Baskets for Pets

It's no secret that giving thoughtful gifts to the ones you love is just as fun as receiving them. It's especially fun when it comes to gift baskets, too, since you're not only picking out one gift for someone you love, but a ton of little gifts that add up to one giant, personalized basket of awesome. We've found that one of the most overlooked gifts to give our friends, neighbors, and even business contacts, however, are gift baskets themed around pets!

Pet owners love their furry friends, and they feel just as happy watching their fur baby enjoy a new toy or treat as they would feel enjoying a treat of their own. So, for the pet parents in your life, consider making them a gift basket themed just for their precious pups or cute kitties.

What to Include in a DIY Pet Gift Basket

DIY Gift Baskets for Pets

1. Treats are ALWAYS a 'yes!' Animals love nibbling on special treats too, so be sure to include a little something in the basket. Be aware, though, that some pets have special dietary needs, so make sure the treats you select are in line with their owner's preferences or the pet's need.

2. Toys are always a need, especially since they tend to get lost or shredded fairly quickly. Whether it's a dog who loves to play tug-of-war or a cat that enjoys mouse-shaped feathered fluff, ropes and mice are quickly torn apart during playtime. A new toy or two will help provide the animals with some new intrigue and encourage pet parents to be more involved in their pet's playtime.

DIY Gift Baskets for Pets 2

3. Cute accessories are hard to pass up, but sometimes a pet parent's budget just won't cover it. Gem-studded collars, high-quality leashes, brushes and combs, fresh catnip, and food/water bowls are all such items. You might even consider getting some of these items personalized, for that special added touch.

4. Pet beds can last years, but more often than not, a worn-out pet bed is an eyesore to the owners. If it's in the budget, purchase a high-quality pet bed to replace the old, torn, stained, and flattened bed in the house.

5. Instinctual necessities, such as scratching furniture to mark territory or barking to scare off intruders (including leaves, butterflies, flies, the mailman...), can be property-damaging, stressful, or just plain obnoxious. Some pet owners take measures to redirect these instincts or train them out, and buying them training tools and books to support them in this can be an exciting gift for pet parents to receive. Be sure to ask them questions beforehand in what
methods they do or do not believe in, and if you're clever, do a little sneaky snooping into the training devices they've been considering!

DIY Gift Baskets for Pets 3

For tips and tricks on building a basket where every item is beautifully displayed yet securely packed, read our blog post from last year: How to DIY a Quality, Personalized Gift Basket.

Cheers, and happy shopping!

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