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Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. When you think about them, your thoughts probably navigate to all the work it takes to prep it, cook it, bake it, clean up after it, and the process of setting up and clearing the table. With everything on your plate (pun intended) in simply preparing the meal, thinking about the details of your table decor - such as the napkins or the silverware arrangement - may seem trivial. But what if we told you that you could up your "table wow factor" by a great deal, simply by stealing 10 minutes here and there throughout your day? A beautifully folded napkin placed just so on the dinner plate always captures the attention of your guests, and you'll be getting just as many compliments on the presentation as you do the food! We can't help but encourage everyone to plan a little in advance and prepare your napkins in one of these 5 easy, fun ways for your holiday meal. While the casserole is cooking, the cranberry sauce is simmering, or the pies are baking, grab a napkin and start folding. You can even pass the job off to an available family member!

Instead of talking you through each fold in written step-by-step fashion, we decided visuals would probably be much easier. So, without further delay, here are 5 really fun ways you can fancy up your napkins for your holiday meal!

Note: If you use cloth napkins, we highly recommend starching them beforehand. It will help the napkins hold their shape without the use of pins or paper clips. If you use paper, make sure you get high-quality, large napkins that have minimal texture on them.

Download "Autumn leaf napkin fold"
Download "Triple pocket napkin fold"
Download "Elf hat napkin fold"
Download "Christmas cone napkin fold"
Download "Christmas star napkin fold"

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