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If you don't mind our bragging for a moment, we consider ourselves experts on throwing fantastic parties. We've got the greatest party food recipes, drink recommendations, and party planning tips that we think absolutely anyone can use to host the best party of the year. Something that we haven't touched much on, however, is ambiance, which is everything when it comes to the success of any get-together. While the decorations, music, furniture arrangement, food and beverages, and even dress code can affect the party vibes, one thing stands out amongst the crowd: lighting.

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 1

Lighting dramatically affects your hosting area just as much as good music and a few well-placed candles do. Think about it: spooky orange and purple lights add sensational "eek" to your Halloween scare space, and colorful, twinkly lights add warmth and charm to the Christmas tree. Soft, dim lights and a handful of candles provide a romantic atmosphere, while fast-paced strobe lights and neon colors scream to be danced to in your local night clubs. Do we even need to talk about the glow on everyone's faces while sitting around the warmth of a campfire, or make mention of why those Edison light bulbs are so popular now?

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 2DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 3

Walk into any hip coffee shops or restaurants these days, and you'll be able to count at least 5 different kinds of lighting inside, all which add up to some gorgeous, welcoming, and dramatically inspiring ambiance. Following their lead, we recommend dressing up your home entertaining space with a few different kinds of lighting. Patio string lights, candles, a few table lamps, and a few well-placed pendant lights, and you're well on your way to creating your very own gorgeous, welcoming, and dramatically inspiring ambiance!

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 4DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 5

We're not only here to tell you to amp up your lighting game, though; we're here to kick you off with a very easy DIY for a farmhouse-style pendant light! (Joanna Gaines would be proud.)

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 6

DIY Farmhouse Pendant Light
Supplies Needed:
• An old, metal oil funnel, industrial lampshade, or really, anything that looks like you could convert it into a light fixture
• A pendant light kit (pick the right style for your space; more on that below)
• An Edison light bulb

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 7

1. When you're shopping for your old oil funnel, bucket, or anything else you desire to convert into a pendant light, make sure that the opening for where you want your light bulb to sit is the right size for the light kit you purchase. Your "shade" needs to fit snuggly over the light kit, that way it doesn't slip off or damage your light bulb.

2. Speaking of pendant light kits, you need to decide between a ceiling-mounted kit, or the classic cord set. Cord sets are easier to mount, in that all you need is a solid ceiling hook and an outlet nearby to make it look great. They are also perfectly suited for rented spaces, as they cause minimal damage and are easy to take with you when you move. If you're not a fan of cords and are able to install the ceiling mount, however, then go for it.

3. If you purchased a rusty piece of metal or wood to use as your pendant shade, do a really good job cleaning it up. We purchased an old, metal tractor oil funnel which still had an oily residue around the inside and outer edges, and needed to use a heavy-duty degreaser to remove it. Some

heavy-duty cleaners will affect the patina or finish of your piece, however, so always test your cleaners on a small, hidden spot first.

4. Time to assemble! It's as easy as slipping the light kit's cord through the part where you want your light bulb displayed, and making sure it sits securely on the light kit (and not a light bulb) before hanging. A stand-out light bulb, ceiling hook, and outlet later, and you have a fantastic conversation piece that adds some oomph to your party decor!

DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 8DIY an EASY Farmhouse-Style Pendant Light 9

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