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Easter is a special holiday, where friends and family come together to enjoy a warm meal and exchange a meaningful gift or two. Due to its cheery nature and focus on traditions, Easter is the ideal time to give someone a special, homemade craft. A gift basket is a wonderful way to present someone with a variety of items they love, from candies and wines, to their favorite pet products and more. However, assembling the perfect gift basket can be a daunting task. Explore our tips and tricks to crafting a high-quality, professional-looking, DIY gift basket, straight from the gift basket experts.

List Items to Include

For the Gift:

To get started, create a list of every item you can think of that relates to the Easter holiday, as well as the person you’re crafting the gift for. Ask yourself the following questions:

• What are their favorite hobbies?
• What snacks and foods do they love? Are there are Easter-specific recipes you could include in your basket?
• Do they have a favorite type of wine or beer?
• What every day items makes you think of your gift receiver?
• What comes to mind when you think of Easter?

For the Basket:

Also, it’s important to create a separate list for all the items you need to create your actual basket itself, like packaging material. Some of the packing and wrapping items you’ll need include:

• Cellophane shrink wrap
• Ribbon in a size and color that would look pleasing wrapped around your gift basket
• Tissue paper
• Cardboard
• Popsicle sticks
• Hot glue gun

Pro tip:

Consider recycling an old basket to save money! Look around your house and see if you have something basket-like that may work as an alternative. For example, a colorful metal bucket, wooden crate, etc. Wine Country Gift Baskets provides gorgeous baskets for all our gifts, so if you've ever received one, reuse it!

Packing Your Basket

Before you begin packaging up all your newly purchased gift basket items, you have a few things to consider.

• Did you purchase items in a similar color scheme (e.g. hues of green) or coordinating colors (e.g. reds and blacks) to add aesthetic appeal to your basket? If not, consider packing any off-color items in tissue paper that will better match your basket’s color theme.
• Be sure to purchase your gift basket last, in case you need to size up to fit all your gifts inside.
• Consider placing a cardboard riser inside your basket to prop all the items up with, to ensure they display beautifully. You may also need to create different tiers to the cardboard, so some items sit taller at the back and others sit shorter at the front. Last, we also use a cardboard ‘back rest’ at the very back of our baskets, so that your items will have a good, strong support behind them.

Now you can begin packing:

• Once you’re finished removing any price tags on items, start placing your taller/larger pieces and add the smaller ones all around them.
• Hot gluing the smaller things to a popsicle stick and poking the stick through the cardboard is a great way to keep difficult items standing tall and presentable. Ensure that you can’t see the popsicle sticks as you stuff your basket, and that the hot glue doesn't damage the item you're gifting.

Pro tip:

It’s always better to go a little smaller in basket size and wrap an item or two separately to present to your recipient than to offer them an empty-looking basket.

Wrapping Your Basket

Now That’s a Wrap!

Once all your items are carefully assembled in your basket, it’s time to give the gift basket a final touch before presenting it.

• Unroll the cellophane onto the ground or a large table and place your personalized gift basket in the center.
• Ensure you unroll enough so that, when you bring all sides of cellophane up and over the top of the gift basket, there is 6"-12" of extra cellophane above your hand.
• Take your ribbon and cut a very long piece. With your cellophane cut and taped, pull all sides of the cellophane up and over the gift basket, and tie it off with the ribbon.
• There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to tie a beautiful bow, and we encourage you to watch a couple to ensure your basket has a professional touch.
• At this point, you have the option of using a hair dryer and ‘shrink-wrapping’ your gift basket according to the cellophane’s directions. This additional step will help keep all your items in place during transit, and offers an additional layer of security. Again, that's what we do here at Wine Country Gift Baskets to ensure our gift baskets arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Gift Basket Types to Consider

We understand that DIYing an Easter Basket may not be an option for everyone! It requires a lot of planning, careful execution (as outlined in the steps above), and can become costly if you’re not careful to follow a close budget. If the headache of assembling your own, special Easter basket isn’t in the cards for you this year, consider giving a gift basket that’s been hand-crafted with care by a member of our team at Wine Country Gift Basket. We offer hundreds of specific types of baskets to suit your needs. Consider one of the baskets below:

• For the baker in your life
• A Wine and Cheese basket is always a huge hit
• The ideal gift for the chocolate lover that you love
• The ultimate pet-lovers gift
• A birthday gift basket
• A Girls Night Out themed basket
• One of our favorites- the wine enthusiast’s basket!

This Easter, celebrate the holiday by giving your friends or family members a special gift from the heart. Start by considering the various types of foods and products they love. Next, consider the best way to craft a special gift basket, or, opt for a memorable, high quality basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets. Either way, your loved ones will be sure to remember the thought and effort you put into making their Easter a special one.

DIY Your Own Easter Baskets