Wednesday, 18 May 2022  • Gift Baskets,

Everyone waits all year long to be greeted by warm summer breezes and clear blue skies. Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year and any event in this relaxing season deserves to be well celebrated. One way to celebrate your favorite season is by giving equally warm gifts to all those whom you love and cherish. Gift baskets are a fabulous way to accent the summer parties and outdoor gatherings that you’re sure to host and attend in the coming months.

Here are a few gift baskets that simply need to be a part of any summer get together.

1. The Summer Celebration Tower

The summer celebration tower is a beautiful gift basket full of delectable summer sweets. The colorful fruit jelly candy, butterscotch, caramel corn, and mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies will be sure to sweeten up anyone’s summer day. To top it all off, the treats are wrapped up in beautiful floral boxes, making it a summer must.

2. Hole in One Gift Basket

For anyone who’s a major fan of golf, or any other outdoor summer sport, getting them the Hole in One Gift Basket will be a fantastic treat. This summer gift basket comes complete with a lunch cooler bag that looks strikingly like a golfing bag, a bamboo cutting board, and a cheese knife. Along with getting a tasteful of sea salt olive oil crackers, garlic herb cheese wedges, and honey mustard pretzel nuggets, your loved ones will have a container to keep their lunches cool all summer long.

3. California Classic Gift Basket

Nothing says summer better than a taste of California wine, and that’s exactly what the California Classic Gift Basket has to offer. If you really want your family and friends to enjoy their summer, then getting them a gift basket that contains three different California bottles wrapped in a shiny metal box is about as good as it gets.

4. Dried Fruit and Nut Collection

The Dried Fruit and Nut Collection offers a variety of colorful fruits and nuts that have summer written all over them. The bright colors and savory sweet tastes will definitely add a delicious kick to anyone’s summer nights.

5. Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets

Summer is the one time in the year where the family can spend a lot more time together, and family movie nights are incredibly popular. Getting the Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets Gift Basket is a fantastic way to make family time even more fun.

6. Deluxe Ghiradelli Tower

The Deluxe Ghiradelli Tower is a fantastic summer gift basket because of the selection of sweets it contains. The beautiful summer blue boxes are filled with a vast assortment of chocolaty treats that will be sure to please every family member no matter their age. The best part about this gift basket is its affordable price that makes it easy to give as a hostess gift wherever you go.

7. Godiva Milk and Dark Chocolate Towers

Who wouldn’t love a good chocolate gift basket? Let the heat of the summer melt away your problems as the delicious chocolates from the Godiva Milk and Dark Chocolate collections melt in your mouth. These colorfully wrapped delectables offer the perfect amount of sweetness and are the ideal gift for anyone who is in love with everything chocolate.

8. Deluxe Fruit and Favorites Gift Basket

The sweet taste of apples, pears, and oranges will be sure to create an explosion of summer in your loved one’s mouth when they receive their Deluxe Fruit and Favorites Gift Basket. This gift basket doesn’t just come with an assortment of ripe and delicious fruit, but it also comes with vanilla truffles, sesame crackers, and so much more.

Holiday gift baskets are a great way to celebrate any occasion, especially the summer. Luckily there are a wide assortment of gift baskets to choose from to make your summer holidays, social events, and gift-giving fun and special for everyone.