Friday, October 26, 2018 • Free Fun, Holidays

The vineyard spirits are planning a haunt, and they're looking to bring us the best Halloween costumes out there. Will you be chosen? 

Witches’ brew and eye of newt,
Wing of bat and hemlock root.
Conjure faces, kids and grown
dressed in nighttime costumes shown.
Keep them friendly, make them nice -
haunting horrors will pay the price.
Show us family, kids, and fun,
then choose the best of everyone.
If luck be with them, they’ll survive;
for voted best takes home our prize.
Now spirits rise, remain unseen, and
fetch us the creatures of Halloween!

It’s the time of year where everything spooky and fun crawls out of the woodwork and haunts the local neighborhoods, quieted only by a fistful of candy and a smile. We love the fun that Halloween brings families, spending a night together filled with imagination and sweet treats! We decided there was only one way to really celebrate this year, and that is by allowing our spooky vineyard spirits to take over and host a Halloween Costume Contest!


The contest will run from October 26th - November 7th, closing at midnight. Upload your picture with a caption and invite your friends to vote it up - whoever has the highest number of votes wins the Grand Prize! 

The contest is over.

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