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If you are new to wine drinking or are interested in getting started, you may be putting off grabbing your glass because you just don’t know what type of wine you like. You have friends who swear red is the best, while others say they only drink white wine, and with the increasing array of varieties and styles, your choice doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. And really, you just want a glass of wine already! Don’t worry, we're breaking it down for you in two simple articles — one outlining your red options, and this one outlining your white wine lineup. So take a look, see what piques your interest, and get to sippin'!

Perhaps the most popular white wine varietal, Chardonnay is a great wine to choose to enjoy with chicken and fish dishes. It originated in Burgundy, France and is still the principle wine made there today. It is also made extensively in the USA, Australia, and other European countries. It is a dry white wine, which tends to be wide-bodied, velvety, and strong in citrus notes like lemon and grapefruit. It is not as dry as other whites, and, in some cases, is fermented in oak barrels adding notes of vanilla, toffee, and coconut, depending on the process involved.

Pinot Grigio
Versatile in food pairings and a very common white wine selection, Pinot Grigio is a dry wine with good acidity. It offers aromatic fruit flavors, and the sharpness of the wine on the palate allows it to do well with Thai or spicy cuisine. The grapes for this wine are planted extensively in Italy, the west coast of America, and in parts of Austria, France and Germany.

Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine to enjoy with seafood, poultry, and salads. It is of French origin, grown in the popular Bordeaux region, but is also regularly produced in New Zealand and Australia. It typically has herbal or fruity characteristics, ranging from orchard fruits like apples and pears to tropical fruits like melons and mango. Many also have a smoky quality, depending on the aging process. Choose this wine as a good option to enjoy with a heartier dinner.

The Riesling variety of wine is characterized by having very distinct flavors and aromas depending on the district and the wine-making culture from where it originates. This makes it unique, and hence desirable by wine lovers everywhere, and it is found in production typically in Germany, but also throughout Eastern USA and California. Riesling is typically light, crisp, and fresh, with apple aromas and a sufficient balance of sweetness and acidity. It is a great selection as an easy drinking wine when you crave something cold and refreshing.

A sweeter wine, perfect for those in the early stages of developing their wine palate, this selection is always fruity in flavor. This wine is created from the Muscat grape, which is a sweet table grape grown typically in Italy and Austria. Because of the sweetness of this wine, Moscato does best when enjoyed on its own or as a dessert wine. With food, it can be too overpowering in contrast of flavor to the savory meal. 

With your mini crash course on white wines and our exceptional array of wine baskets to choose from, it’s time to get out your glass, grab some friends, and begin your wine journey. And as one glass leads to another, and you get to try several varieties, in the process, you’re sure to get a good idea of which white wine is your favorite!

Of course, what kind of wine lovers would we be if we didn't outline your red options. This link will open in a new window too? 

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