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Dog has been man's best friend for more than 26,000 years, so it is no wonder that we've grown so attached to them!

For some of us, our pets are like our children. We shower them with affection, spoil them rotten, and attempt to train them with the same enthusiasm and discipline with which we train a child. No one knows why we, of the human species, decided to bond with these bundles of love in the first place, but we did, and the rewards for many are immeasurable.

But how do we show our favorite pet-obsessed friends that we not only understand their love for their furry friends, but want to support it? Simple. By finding the perfect present. This in itself can be challenging, but here are five great ideas to get you started:

1. Customized dog or cat water/food bowls
What better way to show your pet-loving friends that you care than by providing them with a dish that nourishes and hydrates their beloved friend? Customized pet dishes are a winner because they are not likely to get destroyed or chewed up anytime soon, which means they will pretty much last a lifetime.

Stainless steel bowls are the best option because they are durable, dishwasher friendly and unbreakable. If you are going for this option, look for dishes that have rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom. They help to keep those bowls steady when used by more veracious pooches. "PetSmart's Platinum Pets Personalized Pet Bowl" offers a selection of dishes and engravings to choose from, at a reasonable price. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors.

2. PetChatz
Some pet owners are not comfortable leaving their pets at home alone, or miss them badly when they are away. Well, PetChatz offers a unique solution that allows pet owners to stay in touch and interact with their pets, regardless of where they are. The tool is a two-way system, connected virtually to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), that enables a pet and its owner to see and talk to each other in a virtual environment. It is like Skype; only for pets!

It also comes with an additional "PawCall" button which pet owners can essentially train their pets to use, to call mom or dad, when they are feeling lonely or sad. What better way to say "I love you," to your pet-loving friends than with a way to keep them connected with their pooches.

3. BarkBox subscription
If you've ever received a mysterious box in the post with your name on it, then you know how wonderfully exciting it can be! BarkBox is an online subscription service for dog lovers that will deliver a box of toys and healthy treats right to your friends' doorstep.

You can choose from a single delivery, or monthly ongoing subscriptions. Depending on which option you go with, the pet elves at BarkBox base camp will create a unique box tailored to the dog's size and weight, and deliver it each month! No need to worry about the four-legged fuzzies getting tired of the same treats over and over again, because every box is different! It is a gift that both pets and their parents will adore!

4. Fun coffee table book or calendar
Donate to an Animal Cause
Pet lovers are just like any other parent. They like to share their stories about their pet and get great pleasure from recognizing similarities in character and personality between their pets and others. Pictures, videos, memes, you name it. If it's got a furry face on it that reminds them of their four-legged friends, they are going to love it!

One of the best coffee table/calendar options is Underwater Dogs, by Seth Casteel. This collection of dog photography, underwater, is sure to leave your friend in fits and giggles! It is the funniest, and the cutest, photoseries a pet lover will ever see, and comes as both a calendar and a coffee table book. also offers a coffee table book starring the world's most troublesome pooches caught in the act. A colorful collection of mischief subtitled with handwritten human notes that describe what naughty things they've been up to, it is a compendium of laughs that just about every dog owner can relate too, because there is no such thing as the perfect pooch. Even if he has the cutest little face you ever did see.

5. Donate to an Animal Cause
Any animal lover will tell you that it wrenches their heart with sadness to see their furry friends around the world suffering. So what better way to show your support of their beliefs and values than to donate to an animal cause on their behalf?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an international organization that raises funds and resources for the conservation of various animal species around the world, and is dedicated to reducing the "human footprint" on the environment.

The Animal Human Society is a collection of non-profit organizations that span the country who collectively work together to fight against animal cruelty, and provide safe havens and homes for abandoned or mistreated animals. You can either find an organization or shelter that is local to your area by speaking to a local veterinarian, pet store attendant or by logging onto Google search. Alternatively, you can also speak to or donate directly to the Animal Society Protection Agency (ASPCA).

Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for your favorite pet lovers? Let us know!