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Who are the people whose halls you really want to deck this holiday season? Maybe it’s your best friend, who is always down to spend Saturday night watching TV reruns with you (complete with pajamas and junk food). Or maybe it’s a teacher who has shown your child an endless amount of patience…despite the food fight they started in October. Bottom-line is, the people on your Nice List love you – that shows more dedication than Santa’s helpers do all year. The holidays are the perfect excuse to spoil them with a gift to remind them of how special they are to you, and wouldn’t you know it, gift baskets are perfect for that! What’s better than opening one gift? Opening multiples! Christmas gift baskets can come packed with sweets, gourmet cheeses, bottles of wine, spa items – anything that suits your recipient’s interests. Disclaimer: While we all know the family lush would love the Eastpoint Cellars Tasting Room Basket (they’d make quick work of the wine), perhaps something more like the Fresh Baked Cookie Collection . This link will open in a new window would be more family-friendly. (Then again, no one ever made memories over sparkling apple cider…just sayin’.) We’re more basket-cases than elves this time of year, but we do have some great ideas for what to get everyone on your Christmas list. Maybe even the Scrooges will get a little something this year, too.

The Teacher
Mrs. Henderson has spent the past school year torn between finishing her lesson plan or just pulling the fire alarm and running away to Aruba. Thank her for her patience with the Eastpoint Cellars Chardonnay Bon Appetit Gift Basket. After a long night of grading papers that all look suspiciously the same, she’ll appreciate uncorking a bottle of crisp chardonnay to enjoy along with treats like brownie brittle and chocolate toffees.

The New Mom
Are you more likely to find Cheerios in your friend’s purse than her favorite lipstick? If you’re friends with a mom of young ones, she’s most likely in need of a little R&R. Encourage her to unwind with the Cliffside Vineyard Lavender Vanilla Spa Collection Gift Basket. She’ll love pampering herself with bath caviar, a body scrub and a glass of smooth cabernet or crisp chardonnay. For bonus points, slip some homemade coupons into the basket that she can redeem at a later date. Whether it’s a free night of babysitting or even just an afternoon to herself, we guarantee it’ll go to good use.

The Netflix Mooch
Raise your hand if you currently have three other people “borrowing” your Netflix password. Give them a handwritten list of your top favorite flicks and the snacks to match with this Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets Gift Basket. They might not be able to agree on a movie title, but at least they’ll be able to enjoy their own individual tubs of caramel and kettle corn.

The Christmas Baby
Know someone born around the holidays that always seems to get ripped off on their birthday? Celebrate their awkward day of birth with this Happy Birthday Gift Basket. They’ll appreciate not having their special day overshadowed (for once) with this collection of chili lemon corn nuts, Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolate, walnut cookies, and other sweet treats. Just remember to get them a holiday gift as well!

The Dog Parent
Fido at the park…Fido in a flowered bonnet…Fido being fed caviar in a high chair…we all have that one friend that can’t seem to stop posting photos of their dog. Gift the Good Boy on their Christmas list with this Happy Dog Pet Basket Gift Basket. Packaged in a reusable canvas bag, they’ll love spoiling their fur baby with plush toys, a Frisbee, peanut butter treats, and more. Dog stroller not included.

The Book Club Babe
We’re sure your beloved bibliophile would love to receive the latest New York Times best-seller for Christmas – why not tuck it into this Wine Country Cutting Board Collection Gift Basket? She’ll look forward to curling up with a romance novel and the Godiva crème brûlée truffles, or discussing plot twists and prologues with their favorite glass of vino. With treats like chive bagel chips, Danielle salami, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate, this gourmet assortment guarantees they’ll be the belle of book club.
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