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Ep. 1: Creating the Fondant Wine Bottle
Ep. 2: Making the Wine Box
Ep. 3: Crafting the Cake Decorations
Ep. 4: Assembling your Wine Box Cake

Episode 4: Assembling Your Wine Box Cake Let Them Eat Cake – Today!

Ingredients and Tools Needed:
Your Favorite Cake, baked and well frosted
All of your Fondant Pieces
Fondant Colors: Black
Plenty of Powdered Sugar
1 Pkg. Sweetened, Shredded Coconut, toasted according to package directions
Frosting Knife
Additional Frosting
12-inch Ruler
Vodka or Extract
Gel Fondant Color: Whatever your preference is for label
Small Bowl
Edible Glitter
Large Paintbrush, about 3"-4" bristles


1. Carefully lift your fondant wine bottle off of your wine bottle mold and set it aside.

2. Frost an extra-thick layer of frosting on all sides of your cake, then carefully yet firmly place each box panel against the side of the cake. Let the thick layer of frosting act as the glue to hold the panels up, but don’t worry too much about the corners, as there is a way to hide the imperfections that we’ll cover later. Once each panel is in place, use a little more frosting to seal any cracks where the top of the cake meets the panels.

3. Take small pieces of your black (or leftover marbled) fondant and roll them into long, skinny tubes the length of your panels’ height. Using your paintbrush to paint a little water all along the cracks in between each panel, then take a tube and press it into the corner, smoothing as needed.

4. Carefully slide your vines off of the skewers and use your paintbrush and some water to adhere the vines where you want them. Place your leaves where you want them as well, using the same method.

5. Taking a piece of black fondant, prepare your workstation and roll it into a 5"-6" circle. Cut the circle in half using your ruler or another straight edge, then carefully lay the piece of black fondant over the very top of the fondant bottle with the straight edge facing the bottle label. Use your sharp knife to cut away the excess, making sure that the fondant wraps around the top of the bottle to hide the hole created by the neck of the bottle. Use a paintbrush and some water to seal the two pieces together, then use the handle of your paintbrush to create a "mark" or "line" to give the illusion of a bottle top with a cork in it.

6. Carefully lay your entire wine bottle on the center of your cake, gently pressing the bottle into the frosting. Don’t press too hard or you may break the bottle.

7. Take a little bit of the food coloring and a few drops of vodka or extract and mix them together in a small bowl, making sure it’s thicker rather than runny. Use your paintbrush to dip and carefully letter your label as desired. Get creative with different colors and


decorate! Pro Tip: Use a post-it note if you need a straight edge.

8. Use a little purple fondant and roll it into a very thin tube, about the thickness of a shoelace. This will be the border to your wine bottle label, so make sure it’s long enough, use water to adhere it gently.

9. Use more black fondant and create a border to fill the crack where the wine box meets the cake board. Roll out the right length tubes, then use a little water to adhere it.

10. Layer your toasted coconut all over the top of the cake, ‘nesting’ it into the corners and around the wine bottle. Make sure you put plenty in the corners to help give the top of the cake the appearance that’s more level than it is. Then, take your edible glitter and gently brush it all over the "glass" wine bottle to give it a sheen, carefully avoiding the label, especially if your letters are still wet. Use the same paintbrush to clean up your cake board, and you’re ready to wow your family and friends with your GORGEOUS cake!

Congratulations! Can you believe you just made that cake? While it may have been time-consuming, and required some advance planning, the end result is so worth the effort. Now toast with a glass of wine, and serve your delicious cake to friends and family with pride!

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