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Ep. 1: Creating the Fondant Wine Bottle
Ep. 2: Making the Wine Box
Ep. 3: Crafting the Cake Decorations
Ep. 4: Assembling your Wine Box Cake

Episode 3: Crafting the Cake Decorations 4 Days until Cake is Served

Ingredients and Tools Needed:
Fondant Colors: Purple, Green, Yellow, White
Plenty of Powdered Sugar
Sharp Knife
Cake Board
Styrofoam Board topped with Parchment Paper
Dried Spaghetti Noodles
Small Bowl of Water
Small Paintbrush
Skewer Sticks
Rolling Pin or Fondant Roller
Small Leaf-shaped Cookie Cutter
Oval or Circle Cookie Cutter


1. To make your grapes: Prepare your work station with a generous amount of powdered sugar and pull out your purple fondant. Pinch off about a teaspoon to a tablespoon’s worth of purple fondant, then roll each piece into a tiny ball. Once you have enough to form a grape bunch the size you like, pull your cake board out and begin assembling your grape bunch on the front corner, using pieces of your dried spaghetti noodles to keep your grapes together. Additionally, use a little water and your paintbrush to "glue" the grapes together. Make sure you assemble your grapes far enough away from where your cake will sit, taking care to leave a good gap between your decorations and the placement of your cake.

2. To form your cheese wedge: Work the yellow fondant until you’ve formed it into a nice wedge. Add powdered sugar as needed. Use your knuckle or a fondant shaping tool to create "holes" in your cheese, then transfer it to the cake board as well.

3. To make your grape bunch vines: Pull your green fondant out (or use white with Green Moss food color) and pinch off a small piece. Roll it into a long, even tube that isn’t too thick. Once you reach your preferred length and thickness, wrap it around a skewer stick, set on your foam board, and repeat as much as needed for as many vines as you like.

4. To make leaves: Roll another piece of green fondant out and use your cookie cutter to shape a leaf. Using the dull side of your knife, make impressions in your leaves to make them look more authentic, then set aside on your foam board to dry.

5. To make your wine bottle label: Roll a piece of your white fondant out until it’s about 1/8" of an inch. Use your round or oval cookie cutter to make an oblong label, or if you don’t have any cookie cutters, make a rectangle the same way you made the box sides. Carefully lay your bottle label on your wine bottle, making sure you lay it exactly where you want it. Set aside to dry.

Next, we’ll be talking through how to assemble your cake. It’s the final step! Tune in for the final product!

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