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This recipe is as easy as it gets! If you need to put together a last-minute appetizer or party snack, look no further than these fruit and cheese stacks. All you need to do is take a bite-size piece of the fruit of your choice, and stack it on a toothpick with a cube of thoughtfully paired cheese. Try out some of our favorites below!

1. Blackberries & Brie

Blackberries & Brie
2. Granny Smith Apples & Sharp Cheddar

Granny Smith Apples & Sharp Cheddar
3. Anjou Pears & Gouda

Anjou Pears & Gouda
4. Grapes & Fontina

Grapes & Fontina
5. Peaches & Goat Cheese

Peaches & Goat Cheese

Fruit and Cheese Hors d’oeuvres

Originially published: 5/1/2017