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Let’s be honest: sometimes, a birthday sneaks up on you, and you’re left scrambling for a sweet and thoughtful gift at the very last moment. Usually, this means a card with some cash stuffed in it, or a gift card to their favorite place. To remedy that situation, here are a few quick and easy birthday gift ideas that require little time or effort to create.

The DIY’s
These are easy to throw it together in a hurry!

- A Bar in a Jar: For the friends 21 and over, this is a fun one. Purchase a large glass jar with a lid, 2 cheap stackable drinking glasses, and a selection of mini bottled liquors. Place the glasses in the center of the jar and line the liquor bottles up around them, displaying the labels. To fill extra space in the jar, consider adding sizzle, tissue paper, or even drink mixes or travel bitters kits.

- Cash Box: Super fun for anyone! Grab an empty tissue box, and make a trip to the bank to get a bunch of $1 bills (or $5’s, or $10’s, etc.). You’ll want at least twenty bills to make this special. Tape each bill together end-to-end, and at the very end, tape a special message from you written on a piece of paper the size of one of the bills. At the top, write in large letters, "PULL!". Starting with the non-personalized end, stuff the tissue box with all of the taped cash, leaving your message poking out the top!

- Food: Who doesn’t like fresh-baked cookies, brownies, pie, or any other treat? Who would turn down their favorite foods? No one we can think of! Wrap it up in a box, and you’re on the fastest route to their heart: through the stomach!

- Tickle the Senses: This takes a little more thought, but it’s worth it. Find 5 different inexpensive gifts that appease one of the five senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, and Smell. Examples would be a candy bar for taste, a stuffed animal for touch, a coloring book for sight, a CD or iTunes gift card for sound, and a perfume or cologne for smell. Wrap each of the "senses" up separately, labeling each package with the sense it represents.

Quick & Cheap
Great ideas for gifting in a fun way, on a strict budget.

- A Classic Personalized Mug: This one is everywhere now, but it’s an old standby that never fails. Purchase a white mug from your local dollar store, grab a sharpie, and go to town. Doodle a fun design, write a sweet or funny message, or jot down a quick Microwave Mug recipe, such as a Mug Brownie recipe (see Pinterest). Bake in the oven at 250? for 2 hours, and allow to cool. Wrap and gift!

- Stuff a Balloon: If it fits in a blown-up balloon, then you can make it irresistibly adorable by adding a little glitter or confetti. Try using rolled-up money, love notes, tickets, or even paper gift certificates (homemade or to a certain store) to stuff the balloon with. Once it’s been stuffed, blown up, and tied off, write "POP ME" on the balloon. You’re ready to go!

- Groupon: Check out what’s going on locally, and find a fun activity for your friend. Groupon is an excellent resource for local restaurant deals, activities, events, and more.

Tailored to Suit
Pick a gift that is perfectly suited for the birthday boy or girl. These require advance planning!

- Order a Custom T-Shirt, Wallet, etc. Etsy is an excellent resource for customized items, including wall art, clothing, and accessories.

- A Subscription or Membership Service: Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, or a Costco membership, there is a subscription service to suit everyone. For membership ideas, Look into local museums, state parks, or theme parks for your loved one. For subscriptions, also try Kindle Unlimited, Hulu, a magazine, or even an outfit subscription service such as Stitch Fix.

- A Monthly Box: These have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and with so many companies offering subscriptions ranging from cosmetics to dog treats, you’re bound to find something that suits them just right. Of course, our monthly Wine Clubs come highly recommended, and packed with fine wines to delight just about anyone!

No matter who you’re shopping for, we hope you’re able to find something that makes them feel loved and cherished. Happy birthday, and happy shopping!

10 Fun and Easy Birthday Gift Ideas