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For any self-proclaimed pet lover, puppies and kitties are considered lovable family members. Why not treat them as such? Dry pet food bags are often bulky and unattractive, and difficult to store. In order to keep Fido's food fresh, many opt to store it in a plastic container; which, let's be honest, can look pretty bland in your fabulous home. Bland be gone! We decided to take these boring old plastic storage bins and add our own personal flair to show Fluffy just how much we really care! Your furry friend may not notice much difference, but your house guests are guaranteed to comment on the extra effort put forth for your furry companion. It's simple and fun for the entire (human) family to pitch in on designing Barks' new food bin! 

Plastic Storage Bin (for dry food)
Glass Jar (for treats)
Exacto Knife
Ruler or Measuring Tape
Small Food Scoop
Washi Tape
Decorative Duct Tape
Monogram Stickers
Modge Podge
Adorable Cut Outs of your favorite furry friend (we used Bart greeting cards from @danzigbros IG)

1. Choose a variety of cute dog-themed washi tapes found at your local craft store or online
retailers. Packs can come with up to 8 amazing designs which make decorating possibilities
2. Once you have chosen your washi tape designs, start to apply them to your plastic storage
bin. Be creative, and use any combination you like!
3. Take decorative duct tape (we used awesome gold glitter tape) and add it to your design.
4. Choose your favorite puppy (or kitty) -themed word, and add it on top of your duct tape
using monogram stickers. We thought "woof" was very appropriate. You could also use
"meow" for your feline friends and use cat-themed washi tapes instead if you have a kitty
friend in your household.
5. Take printed photos of your favorite puppies, (we chose Bart) and cut them out using scissors
and an Exacto knife. Use caution with the Exacto knife, as it is an extremely sharp edge. Using
Modge Podge and a sponge applicator, apply your puppy photo cutout to your design. Use
an Exacto knife to fine tune and clean up the edges of your tapes.
6. Once you have your design finished, take the Modge Podge and apply a light layer to the
entire storage bin to seal in the design.
7. Lastly, take a hook of your choice (we used a 3M adhesive hook) and attach it to the side of
the storage bin. This is where you will store your food scoop!

Voila! Your new decorative dog food storage bin is complete. Washi tapes can also be applied to a
small glass jar for adorable matching treat storage. Just simply apply, and use a light layer of Modge
Podge to seal in the design.

Happy decorating, and we would love to see the designs you come up with on your own! Please tag
us in your adorable puppy/kitty photos and share them with us on our Wine Country Gift Basket
social channels.
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